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India is a country of many languages, ethnicities, cultures, traditions, and customs. The warmth in the relations and euphoria in celebrations make the country stands out distinctively in the clutter. The cuisines, costumes, festivals, music, literature, and theatre…everything is 'special' in this 'Land of Gods'.



We offer the following services to the foreign tourists. The schedule and duration of any of these services, either individually or in combination, can be fixed or adjusted according to your convenience or requirement.




Tour Guides, Tour Assistants, Tour Planning, Language Interpreters, Document Translation, Hotel Booking, Car Booking, Shopping Assistance.



Practice Yoga, Practice Meditation & Pranayam, Exotic Henna Art, Rangoli Designing, Indian Costume Wearing, Turban Wearing, Traditional Beauty Treatments, Ayurvedic Therapy, Celebrate an Indian Festival with Indian family.


Tour with Locals

Sightseeing in Jaipur, A trip to Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur), A trip to Jaisalmer, A trip to Jodhpur, A trip to Udaipur, A trip to Pushkar, A trip to Mathura-Vrindavan, A trip to Agra, A trip to Bhangarh, A trip to Ranthambore, A trip to Sariska, Village Culture Tour, A trip to Haridwar, A trip to Rishikesh, A trip to Khajuraho, A trip to Chand Baori (Step Well).


Fun Activities

Go Shopping, Home Stay with an Indian Family, Celebrate Indian Festivals with an Indian Family, Celebrate your Birthday with Indian Kids, Celebrate your Birthday with an Indian Family, Village Culture Tour, Join Homemade Lunch with an Indian Family, Join homemade Dinner with an Indian Family, Meet an Indian Family for tea or coffee, Cook Indian Cuisines, Get Ayurvedic Therapies, cycling expedition, Watch a Bollywood Movie, Spend time with kids, Involve yourself in Charity activities, Spend time doing charitable works.



Spend some time with Elephants, Know the Village Culture of India, Spend a night in Desert Camp, Join Folk Festivals, Explore Erotic Temple, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, A visit to Haunted Fort, Wildlife sighting, A Trip in Bird Sanctuary, A Trip to Wild Life Sanctuary, Tiger Safari, Leopard Safari.



Learn Basic Hindi (Indian Language), Join Cooking Classes (Indian Cuisines), Morning Yoga Classes, Evening Yoga Classes, Mehendi Classes (Henna), Learn Saree Draping (Indian women dressing), Learn Turban and Dhoti Wearing (Indian men dressing), Know about Indian Customs, Know about Indian Festivals, Learn Indian Dance, Learn Rangoli Designing, Know about the Block print of Rajasthan.



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KNOW THE INDIAN CULTURE ... it's worth knowing for every foreign tourist.

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